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Chris grew up on Fourth rd in Armadale, a working class suburb south of Perth in Western Australia. Like other fringe suburbs of that time, the mid 90's offered little in regards to relieving teenage boredom. It was an area infamous for its crime and presented many challenges for anyone growing up in the epicentre of it all.

From an early age he put pencils to paper, paint to canvas and paint to walls. Often finding himself on the wrong side of the law; it was time for change.

Accepted for a diploma into the WA School for Art and Design, Chris studied Graphic Art, Design and Multimedia. In many ways this environment was what had been missing in his life, but the timing was wrong. The transition from hand driven design techniques to computer based was underway. He lost interest and withdrew from his studies.

Unsure of where life was pushing him, he sought refuge in the construction industry. It was the late 90's and the beginning of a new struggle for blue collar workers. The Government was determined to legislate changes which were set to erode workers basic rights, weaken the union movement and remove the power of the collective. 

As a young man he was inspired by the comradery, the activism and the impact of strength in numbers which the union movement brought. He was inspired by the ability for ordinary everyday people to push back and create positive change.

In his early 20's he drove to the other side of the country In search of work. It was in Adelaide, by the meandering banks of the River Torrens, where he met his new best friend who would eventually become his wife. In the early years of their relationship, they spent most of their time in her home city of Zurich, Switzerland. It was a number of years later before they returned to settle in Perth.Throughout his journey Chris continued to catalyse, and create.

These days they live with their two children not too far away from where he started off all those years ago, on the edge of the eucalypt lined Darling Range in the foothills.

Chris' art is a reflection of his life, the streets he grew up on, the music that motivated him and his journey from then to now.

Inspired by hope for our children, hope for the worker, hope for our planet and hope for humanity. 

It is art for walls inside and out. It is Underground Art.


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